Bukit Chabang

02100 Kangar, Perlis



Bukit Chabang is located about 8 kilometers north of Kangar Town. Visitors and tourists can see and see Bukit Chabang from as far as Perlis State Park in Wang Kelian and it is two-pronged. From Bukit Chabang itself, visitors can get beautiful scenery in the rural areas adorned with vast rice fields and forests that color the scenery of Perlis State greenery. This hill is the focus for hiking activities and the level of difficulty is at a moderate level which is very suitable for those who are just getting used to hill climbing activities that are able to give their own challenges to climbers. The height of this hill is 390 meters above sea level but it is still able to challenge climbers.




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- 20 May 2020 -

Shah Saad

"Panorama menarik."